Meaning of engrossment in English:



  • The final version of a legal document, especially a deed or statute.

    • ‘I will prepare engrossments of the Settlement Agreement and you will prepare engrossments of the Trade Mark Agreement.’
    • ‘If you provide me with an engrossment, I will forward it to my clients for execution.’
    • ‘The solicitor was not happy with the engrossment and the will was executed again five days later, this time witnessed by two Italian gentlemen.’
    • ‘On receipt we will arrange for the engrossments to be executed by our clients and we will then revert to you so that the matter can be completed.’
    • ‘I can then prepare the engrossments for your signatures and I note that I should forward the Wills to you at home for signature.’
    pensiveness, concentration, engrossment, absorption, self-absorption, musing, thinking, thinking of other things, deep thought, brown study, brooding