Meaning of headcheese in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • Meat from a pig's or calf's head that is cooked and pressed into a loaf with aspic; brawn.

    • ‘In one telling scene, a middle-aged hausfrau pummels a fireman when he finds a stolen headcheese in her purse.’
    • ‘My grandpa loved smoked fish and other delicacies, so when he arrived in town we would head to the local fish and seafood store for smoked fish of all imaginable varieties, along with headcheese and other exotic goodies.’
    • ‘Such an overwhelming slime pit of sagas would normally infect and ferment your average low budget B-movie, rendering it as unappetizing as moldy headcheese.’
    • ‘I have to admit, I don't exactly know what headcheese is.’