Meaning of mean-spirited in English:



  • Inconsiderate and unsympathetic.

    ‘he's an egotistical, mean-spirited, abusive man’
    ‘these reality shows all seem to be mean-spirited’
    • ‘So, at seventeen, Andersen found himself in a classroom with eleven-year-olds, again an outsider and at the mercy of a mean-spirited, manipulative headmaster.’
    • ‘Her laugh was infuriating and terribly mean-spirited.’
    • ‘Without being petty or mean-spirited, she explained why what had so persuaded me had left her so unmoved.’
    • ‘‘It's a tiny bit mean-spirited,’ admitted Wiener.’
    • ‘The terror lies not in the apparitions themselves, but in what is happening to the children; they change from ‘sweet things’ to open liars and mean-spirited little beings.’
    • ‘Bosse is a boy in bad straits, his mother is gone, his father disappeared, and he is left living with a pair of mean-spirited relatives who berate him at every turn.’
    • ‘Both are attached to a mean-spirited local farmer named Patricio, one as his neglected wife, the other as his mistress.’
    • ‘I was mean-spirited, short-tempered, intolerant of those who disagreed with me.’
    • ‘‘Consumers found them mean-spirited and unfunny,’ one source said.’
    • ‘He's an egotistical, mean-spirited, abusive man.’
    • ‘We live in a sad era that mistakes mean-spirited arrogance for intellectual daring, juvenile nastiness for independence of mind, the dung beetle for the artist.’
    • ‘It was incredibly mean-spirited and childish.’
    • ‘This is extremely unprofessional and quite mean-spirited - he's entitled to dislike the film, but ruining it for others is simply immature.’
    • ‘One of the most attractive things about Monica is that she is never mean-spirited.’
    • ‘It wasn't a mean-spirited laugh, but it hurt anyway.’
    • ‘He's grouchy, mean-spirited, and crude, but, of course, hiding a heart of gold just waiting to be melted by the wonderful ladies on his team.’
    • ‘The movie is pretty inoffensive in the sense that jokes are not mean-spirited, there's no toilet humor and there's not really a whole lot of violence.’
    • ‘It is ugly, mean-spirited, exploitative, illogical, and boring.’
    • ‘I couldn't imagine her saying anything mean-spirited about me.’
    • ‘You breathed new life into this miserable old cavern, into a community of small-minded, mean-spirited people.’