Meaning of razoo in English:



informal Australian, New Zealand with negative
  • Used to denote an imaginary coin of little value or a very small sum of money.

    ‘the lousy government never gave them a brass razoo’
    • ‘Your right to use your property could be sterilised and you might get not a brass razoo for it.’
    • ‘This legislation is concerned with really vicious criminals and thugs, and we in New Zealand First say that they should not get a brass razoo.’
    • ‘If the Government can get away with it, it will put more and more of its social services on to local government without a brass razoo going along with it.’
    • ‘In this Budget there is nothing for infrastructure at all, not a brass razoo.’
    • ‘As a matter of fact, Beryl and I can remember when they came over here before the war, without a razoo.’


1930s of unknown origin.